Nowadays a wide variety of residential flooring products are available but still carpeting remains extremely popular. Carpets warm a home by adding color, pattern and texture. Besides its warmth, and softness, one reason that people love carpeting is that it requires less maintenance and upkeep than hard-surface floors.

Furthermore, carpet will become the victim of spills, splashes, messy accidents or whatever track in the bottom of your shoes. When you have a clean carpet, you will not just have a better-looking home, but also a healthier family. Naturally we love to be surrounded with clean things especially in our home. Here are some tips for cleaning your carpet at home.

Vacuuming your Carpet

Preparing the room to be vacuumed is the first thing you must do. You need to ensure that the vacuum does not have anything that would hinder its suction function such as bigger objects that would obstruct the cleaning process. Use nozzle attachment to clean hard to reach areas.

Spot Cleaning and Shampooing you Carpet

On spot cleaning your carpet, use a clean white cloth. Be careful with rags that have dye as they can stain and transfer their tint to your carpet. When removing stains, you also need to ensure that you do not brush the stains away, but rather blot them to avoid spreading the stains to the other carpet areas.

In case of having fresh blood drips on your carpet, you can clean them using either cold water or Hydrogen peroxide. You can’t use water, as it will set the stain. For dryer stain, you can use any cleaning agents that do not leave many residues when dry. When you are dealing with pet urines you can use other cleaning agents that have anti-bacterial property to remove the dirt and the odor.

On the other hand, shampooing is sometimes called “steam cleaning”. However, this is a misnomer, as these machines actually use hot water and detergent not steam. In shampooing, you should prepare the carpet and spot major stains in the carpet. Even though shampoo will remove grime, it can also set stains more deeply. In purchasing or renting a carpet shampooer you should read the product description or consult a salesperson.

Rinsing the Carpet

When you are rinsing your carpet, you need to avoid putting too much water and cleaning agents. Also, make sure that you really let the carpet dry as the moisture locked will eventually become a haven for molds and mildew.

Make an exit strategy carefully

After the cleaning process, it is important that no one steps on the carpet unless it has completely dried up. In any case, it is best to hire a professional carpet cleaning crew to help you clean your carpet and choose the best carpet cleaning solution.

If you want professional help, the carpet cleaning Glendale will be of service for you. Always remember that while it is practical to clean your carpet at home, it is better to leave to the professional cleaners especially when we are not confident with our cleaning ability and when we think we can save effort and time.